The Witcher :: Orens / Item Sell List

This is a quick list of “sustainable resources”, stuff which you can farm and sell to make money.

Be sure to stop by the merchants before you do any alchemy, especially if you have picked up any non-renewable resources. Minerals can be sold for much more than the herbal ingredients that perform the same function.

Instead of buying higher quality potion bases, mix White Gull.

Food varies in price but perform the same function. Sell any foods you have worth 4 orens or more. 1 oren food can be used for gifts/quests. The others can be traded for Mistletoe.

After you get to Vizima, though, you really shouldn’t need money any more.

  • Outskirts
    • The book The Tome of Fear and Loathing, volume I (250 orens) can won from a drinking contest with a drunkard in the tavern.
    • The book Swamp Monsters (200 orens) can be found in a house in the village before the main village.
  • Herbs – Viziman Herbalist, Herbalist, Alchemist
    • The merchants below buy the same class of items at twice the price.
  • Minerals – Abigail, Kalkstein, Hermit
    • Albar’s Crystals (40 orens)
    • White vinegar (20 orens)
    • Ginatz’s Acid (15 orens) – use Ghoul blood
    • Cadaverine (1 oren) – use Death Dust
    • Toxin (3 orens)
    • Tracheae (3 orens)
    • Cemetaur jaw (5 oren) – use Celandine
    • Alp fangs (5 oren) – use Hellebore petals
    • Naezan Salts (20 orens)
    • Tendons (5 orens)
  • Herbs – Order armorer, Gardener, Elder druid, Zerrikanian trader, Murky Waters Blacksmith
    • Feainnewedd (10 orens)
    • Berbercane fruit (4 orens) – use Drowner brain tissue
    • Crow’s eye (3 orens) – use Ghoul blood
    • Green mold (3 orens) – use Beast liver
    • Wolf’s aloe leaves (3 orens) – use Ectoplasm
    • Fool’s parsley leaves (3 orens) / Balisse fruit (2 orens) – use Graveir bone, then Kikimore claw
    • Mistletoe (4 orens) – use Ornithosaur’s eye
    • Ginatia petals (3 orens) – use Drowned dead tongue
    • Bryonia (4 orens) – use Venom glands
    • Han fibers (4 oren) – use Celandine
    • Verbena (4 oren) – use Vodyanoi bladder
  • Drugs – Order armorer, Coleman, Murky Waters Blacksmith
    • Fisstech (20 orens)
    • The Order armorer and Murky Waters Blacksmith also buy other classes of items. Take care not to sell them Jewelry or Minerals.



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