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contento10 Happiness
editorEditor Mode toggle
rapidoInstant Building toggle
exactoSets the Treasury to an exact value
muerteKills the selected unit
removepeopleTropican genocide
politicaldifficultySet Political Difficulty
economicdifficultySet Economic Difficulty
rateddifficultyChange the map’s Difficulty ((“Ridiculously Hard”, “Very Easy”))
importmapImport map geography from an external .pcx file
onemonthMove the date forward by a month
sixmonthMove the date forward by six months
oneyearMove the date forward by a year
fiveyearsMove the date forward by five years
tenyearsMove the date forward by ten years
twentyyearsMove the date forward by twenty years
thirtyyearsMove the date forward by thirty years
v1.03 – Editor Hot Keys
SRegenerate and save map
I[v1.03] Show grid coordinates of mouse
SHIFT-FFramerate toggle
GGrid toggle
CCluster Grid toggle
SHIFT-PPolygon Grid toggle
ZBulldozer tool
FFill terrain tool
PPaint terrain tool
CTRL+left-clickPaint terrain tool :: Shallower water
SHIFT-left-clickPaint terrain tool :: Deeper water
RRaise/lower terrain tool
SHIFT-left-clickRaise/lower terrain tool :: Creates plateau
UAdd Unit tool
L-SHIFT-left-clickAdd Unit tool :: Place female unit
R-SHIFT-left-clickAdd Unit tool :: Place male unit
VVegetation tool
SHIFT-left-clickVegetation tool :: Leave stumps
SHIFT-MPaint Minerals tool
SHIFT-OAlternate Add Buildings tool
CTRL-SHIFT[v1.03] Pressing CTRL-SHIFT when you click “Begin Regime” after setting up your dictator will cause the map to generate without buildings or people.
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