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Symbols & Tattoos
Contact us if you want to contribute your work.
How to create your own player symbols and Creature tattoos – readme.txt
Land 4 :: Unicorn Posing Black & White comes with 16 pre-defined player symbols/Creature tattoos. The same images are used for both. You can replace any of these images with your own. To do so, place a 64 × 64 greyscale .bmp image (8-bit) called symbol#.bmp (where # is a number from 1 to 16) in your profile directory (default directory will be c:\program files\Lionhead Studios Ltd\Black & White\profiles\yourname\ – where yourname is the name of the profile you created). The player logo/Creature tattoo will then be available to select in the usual ways.

To swap back to the default logos/tattoos, simply delete the image files you created.

Tip: Design your logos on a black background for best results.
Black & White
[ Download ] Nemesis – 8.83Kb .zip NemesisOnce I destroy you every living creature in Eden will worship me, Nemesis, the embodiment of evil.

After all that talking in the introduction to Land 5, I thought it would be rather funny to use Nemesis’ symbol as my own. I edited a screenshot I took, and it turns out I got the facing wrong, so I did another one. My Adobe skillz are far from 1337, but these aren’t too bad. I recently received the original Nemesis symbol from the game itself. This is also included in the .zip.
[ Download ] Ye Gods! – 3.95Kb .zip Ye Gods!Includes Khazar’s, Lethys’ and Nemesis’ symbols. Pulled from the game itself.
[ Download ] Gestures Set I – 19.2Kb .zip Gesture Symbols from the game. Set I contains Spiral, R, Cancel, Circle, Heart and Star.
[ Download ] Gestures Set II – 15.3Kb .zip More Gesture Symbols. Set II contains Fireball, Lightning, Storm, Forest, Pack, Flock and Teleport.
[ Download ] Gestures Set III – 21.9Kb .zip More Gesture Symbols. Set III contains Flies, Invisibility, Sanctuary, Shield, Food, Wood, Water, Leash and an unused gesture.
network.noctalis :: Dis
[ Download ] Dis Set I – 13.5Kb .zip Dis Set IFrom the other games we cover here at network.noctalis. Set I contains Alice, BG2, Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter.
[ Download ] Dis Set II – 20.4Kb .zip Dis Set IISet II contains Diablo, Diablo II, the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom from the Ultima Collection and the Chaos symbol from Ultima Online.
Icewind Dale
[ Download ] Mage Level I 1/2 – 19.4Kb .zip ArmorBurning HandsCharm PersonChill TouchChromatic OrbColor SprayGreaseFrom Icewind Dale.
[ Download ] Mage Level I 2/2 – 18.0Kb .zip IdentifyLarloch’s Minor DrainMagic MissileProtection from EvilShieldShocking GraspSleepFrom Icewind Dale.
[ Download ] Mage Level II 1/3 – 17.0Kb .zip Agannazar’s ScorcherBlindnessBlurCat’s GraceDecastaveDetect EvilDetect Invisibility
[ Download ] Mage Level II 2/3 – 16.0Kb .zip Ghoul TouchHorrorInvisibilityKnockKnow AlignmentLuckMelf’s Acid Arrow
[ Download ] Mage Level II 3/3 – 17.6Kb .zip Mirror ImageProtection from PetrificationResist FearSnilloc’s Snowball SwarmStrengthVocalizeWeb
[ Download ] Mage Level III 1/2 – 18.9Kb .zip Dire CharmDispel MagicFireballFlame ArrowGhost ArmorHasteHold PersonIcelance
[ Download ] Mage Level III 2/2 – 20.2Kb .zip Lance of DisruptionLightning BoltMonster Summoning INon-DetectionProtection From Normal MissilesSkull TrapSlowVampiric Touch

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